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  • Two monographs will be published from submitted articles. The best ones, after a positive review, will be published in a German publication of Uni-edition GmbH in Berlin. The second publication will be published by the Slovak publishing house GEORG (Vydavateľstvo GEORG, Zilina, Slovakia).
  • Organizer provides high quality of publications.
  • Publications have individual ISBN numbers.
  • Articles should not exceed, for:
    • Students: 6 pages A4 (no more than 10 000 characters),
    • Young Scientists under 33 years old: 10-12 pages A4 (about 20 000 - 22 000 characters),
    • Older participants: 16 pages A4 (about 36 000 - 37 000 characters).
  • Article has to include: contact details of author/authors, an abstract, keywords and JEL classification at the beginning of the study.
  • Each article has to include aim of the study and research methods, problem analysis, presentation of obtained results and literature.
  • Editorial requirements: Times New Roman, 12 points, 1,5 line of space, 2 cm margins.
  • Organizers reserve the right to reject any incomplete articles, which do not meet all of the above requirements (no fees refund).
  • Detailed requirements (template.doc)

Publication from Ist International Congress of Young Scientist is available on